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ViewPlat NumberPlat NameFiling DateCabinetSlideLot CountAcreage
View FS16-070MADELON ADDITION 10/7/2017 -D21623683513.09
View SP17-0222R1CITY VIEW ADDITION, B-1, L-1, L-2 (CITYVIEW CENTRE shopping center) 3/22/2017 --  
View TESTCSTestCS 3/21/2017 -111.00
View FP15-075OAK CREEK TRAILS - PHASE 2 3/17/2017 --  
View FP15-100PARR TRUST, B-10, B-11, B-12., B-13, B-14, B-15 3/17/2017 -D21705981811820.38
View FP16-055CARTER DISTRIBUTION CENTER, B-A, L-3 & 4X 3/17/2017 --  
View FP16-069WESTERN CENTER SOUTH, B-1, L-2 3/17/2017 -D21705985616.02
View FP16-070PARR TRUST, B-36, L-5-42, 5XR, 32X & B-38, L-1-25, 8X 3/17/2017 -D2170598676613.11
View FS16-143ROBERTS FAMILY ADDITION, B-1, L-1 3/17/2017 --  
View FS16-216FELLOWSHIP OF THE PARKS ADDITION, B-1, L-1 3/17/2017 -D21705980516.31