Restaurant Health Inspections

The Consumer Health Division of the Fort Worth Public Health Department inspects all restaurants within the city limits of Fort Worth.  The inspection results are reported using a demerit system (see below) in accordance with the Texas Food Establishment Guidelines.  Please note that you can also view all available past inspection reports here.


Demerits are only recorded on "critical violations."  "Non-critical violations," such as toilet facilities, floors, lighting and ventilation are not recorded in the scores you see.  However, non-critical violations are recorded and must be corrected.

There is not a failing grade.  However, state law does indicate that when total demerits exceed 30, "the establishment shall initiate immediate corrective action on all identified critical violations and shall initiate corrective action on all other violations within 48 hours."

Please note that the Fort Worth Public Health Department does not issue a numeric grade (total demerits) when a "change of ownership" inspection is performed. The total demerits for these type of inspections are listed as "N/A" (not applicable).

It is important to remember that the scores here represent only a snapshot of the facility at the time the inspector arrived.  The conditions could be better or worse while an inspector is not present.