Let's Talk Fort Worth Comments

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1 NeighborhoodsFort Worth Amphitheater.47613750-59
4 EnvironmentFort Worth stop adding toxic waste to it's water. Learn about FluorideALERT.org376116Not provided
5 InfrastructureI would like to see some real bike trails, ones that actually go somewhere. . . but it also needs to offer some way that people could actually bike to their jobs or to shopping without risking their l77610750-59
6 InfrastructureOf course the city needs to increase the amount of rail transportation, as Dallas has done,77610750-59
7 Another CategoryI have done quite a few events between Fort Worth and Dallas to highlight DFW collaboration. The phrase "No Man Is An Island" applies to cities too. Fort Worth and Dallas will truly be "World Class"Arlington7601760-69
8 NeighborhoodsNeed central south community center. Activities for seniors like in Arlington, etc.97611070+
9 Health & SafetyA homeless shelter / program to move people from the streets to homes;97610250-59
11 NeighborhoodsPlan to revitalize neighborhoods;97610250-59
12 GrowthPlan to allow small business thrive and keep big box stores at bay;97610250-59
13 Health & SafetyPolice walking / riding in the neighborhood97610250-59
14 NeighborhoodsBring the arts to District 9; Bring a community art center for all families67613460-69
15 GrowthCelebrate the cultural diversity.67613460-69
16 NeighborhoodsI would like to have the movie theatre re-opened on Berry and Hemphill.97611060-69
17 Health & SafetyWould like to see emphasis on clean streets and parks.97611060-69
18 InfrastructureAlso curb repairs on all old streets to improve appearance.97611060-69