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COUNCIL ACTION:  Approved on 12/4/2018 - Ordinance Nos. 23498-12-2018 & 23499-12-2018


Conduct Public Hearing and Approve an Adjustment to the Fiscal Year 2019 Crime Control and Prevention District Budget in the Amount of $6,200,000.00 for Capital Improvement Facility Projects and Adopt Appropriation Ordinances (ALL COUNCIL DISTRICTS)


It is recommended that the City Council:

1.  Conduct a public hearing and approve an adjustment to the FY2019 Crime Control and Prevention District budget for an increase of $6,200,000.00 for capital improvement facility projects and a corresponding reduction in the budgeted contribution to fund balance, with no net increase to the overall CCPD budget;

2.  Adopt the attached ordinance increasing appropriations in the Crime Control and Prevention District Fund in the amount $6,200,000.00, from available funds, for a transfer to capital; and

3.  Adopt the attached ordinance increasing estimated receipts and appropriations in the CCPD Capital Projects Fund in the amount of $6,200,000.00, from available funds, for the purpose of funding capital improvement facility projects consisting of the northwest patrol property acquisition; expansion of the police property room and fire arson/bomb squad evidence room in Bob Bolen; improvements to the SWAT vehicle storage facility; and improvements to the Bob Bolen multi-purpose room and the Calvert auditorium and gymnasium, all as approved by the CCPD board.


The purpose of this Mayor and Council Communication (M&C) is to conduct a public hearing and approve an adjustment to the FY2019 Crime Control and Prevention District Budget to increase funding for capital projects and decrease the contribution to fund balance amount that was originally budgeted. The CCPD Board approved this budget change at its November 13 meeting.

Police Department facilities typically have two main funding sources for development and capital improvements:  Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) capital funds and City of Fort Worth bond funds. Facility needs are generally broken out into the following categories to meet growth or to eliminate leased or uneconomical facilities: new facility improvements, expanding usable space in existing facility, general facility improvements for safety, and redundancy or efficiency purposes.

The Police Department has identified the FY2019 CCPD facility priorities and is proposing the following facility plan.

ProjectEstimated Cost
New Project
1. Northwest Patrol Property Acquisition


2. Police Property Room Expansion and Fire Arson/Bomb Squad Evidence Room in Bob Bolen


3. SWAT Vehicle Storage


4. Facility Renovations (Programmable Project)




Of the $500,000.00 programmable project, $300,000.00 is planned for allocation to improvements to the Bob Bolen Multi-Purpose Room and the remaining $200,000.00 to the Calvert Auditorium and Gymnasium project. In accordance with the delegated authority provided under Section 7 of the adopted budget (Ordinance 23382-09-2018), the City Manager or his designee has authority to set up these subprojects under the programmable and to make adjustments among the subprojects as needed so long as the total of all such projects remains within the total amount appropriated by the City Council.

Budget adjustments do not require public hearings under the CCPD's financial policies. However, the use of funds for capital improvements instead of a contribution to fund balance means that the amount of CCPD funds being expended in FY2019 is increasing. Therefore hearings were scheduled for both the Board and the City Council to allow ample opportunity for the public to weigh in.

The action in this M&C is not included in the FY2019-2023 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Approval of this M&C will amend an existing project and create three new projects in the FY2019 CIP.

The Police Department also has substantial projected savings from current capital projects, and projects using that surplus will be brought forward to the Fort Worth City Council through separate M&Cs.

This M&C does not request approval of a contract with a business entity.


The Director of Finance certifies that upon approval of the above recommendation and adoption of the attached appropriation ordinances, funds will be available in the current capital budgets, as appropriated, of the Crime Control and Prevention District Capital Projects Fund and that prior to an expenditure being made, Police Department has the responsibility to validate the availability of funds.

    Fund Department
Account Project
Program Activity Budget
Reference #
(Chartfield 2)

    Fund Department
Account Project
Program Activity Budget
Reference #
(Chartfield 2)

Submitted for City Manager's Office by:
Fernando Costa (8180)
Originating Department Head:
Lynda Johnson (6222)
Additional Information Contact:
Terry Hanson (7934)

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