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COUNCIL ACTION:  Approved on 6/25/2019 - Ordinance No. 23719-06-2019

SUBJECT:   Adopt Appropriation Ordinance, Authorize Execution of an Agreement for the Acquisition of Approximately 68.167 Acres of Land Located South of Bonds Ranch Road from Chapel Hill West, LLC in the Amount of $1,158,839.00, Authorize the Payment of the Estimated Closing Costs in the Amount of $20,000.00, and Dedicate the Property as Park Land to be Known as Chapel Hill Park (COUNCIL DISTRICT 7)


It is recommended that the City Council:

1.  Adopt the attached appropriation ordinance decreasing estimated receipts and appropriations in the PARD Dedication Fees Fund in the amount of $750,000.00 and increasing estimated receipts and appropriations in the PARD Dedication Fees Fund in the amount of $874,912.00 from available funds for the property acquisition;

2.  Authorize the execution of an agreement for the acquisition of approximately 68.167 acres of land located south of Bonds Ranch Road from Chapel Hill West, LLC in the amount of $1,158,839.00;

3.  Authorize the payment of the estimated closing costs in the amount of $20,000.00;

4.  Authorize the City Manager or his designee to execute the appropriate closing documents and record the appropriate instruments; and

5. Dedicate the property as park land to be known as Chapel Hill Park, effective upon conveyance.


The Property Management Department received a request from the Park & Recreation Department to acquire a parcel of vacant land located in northwest Fort Worth in accordance with the Neighborhood and Community Park Dedication Policy and the Park, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan, which calls for the provision of adequate park and recreational areas in the form of Neighborhood-Based Parks and Community-Based Parks.

The FY2019 Capital Improvement Plan included a $750,000.00 appropriation for the Chapel Hill Community Park project.  At the time of the FY2019 CIP development, insufficient Park Developer Fees had been collected; therefore, funds were appropriated from the General Park Dedication fees to partially fund the project. Since the adoption of the FY2019 Capital Improvement Plan, sufficient area Park Developer fees have been collected to appropriate to this project in the amount of $874,912.00, and the General Park Dedication fees in the amount of $750,000.00 will be returned to its source.  In addition, existing appropriations in the amount of $303,927.00 resided in the project bringing the total project funding to $1,200,000.00

The Park and Recreation Department conducted an assessment of potential properties in northwest Fort Worth for community park land acquisition.  Based on existing and proposed subdivision development, the immediate area around this site will eventually be comprised of approximately 1,500 acres of residential development and school sites.  The proposed acquisition is located in Community Park Unit-C19 where deficiencies exist that will require additional open space to meet near-term needs.

Acquiring the site now would provide a recreational anchor for future area development with future linear park connections obtained through the park dedication process.  The proposed site is contiguous to the 131 acre school site owned by Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District to the north, creating the potential for joint use partnership and expanded recreational opportunities as the area continues to development.

Staff recommends acquiring approximately 68.167 acres of vacant land located south of Bonds Ranch Road from Chapel Hill West, LLC for Chapel Hill Park.  Acquisition of the property will help meet an underserved need in this sector of the City.

An independent appraisal was conducted and the property owner has agreed to the negotiated purchase price.  A survey and a Phase I Environmental Assessment has been conducted on the subject parcel.  As part of the transaction, the Seller has agreed to pay up to $7,500.00 for survey costs. The real estate taxes will be pro-rated with the sellers being responsible for taxes due up to the closing date.  The seller has signed the contract and has agreed to convey the subject parcel through a Warranty Deed and will contain a surface waiver for the exploration of the mineral estate. The mineral estate will not be acquired.

Address/Legal Description  

Fee Acquisition Type

Approximate Acreage      


3501 Bonds Ranch Road

Vacant Land  



(see attached map)

Estimated Closing Costs




The park will be held in reserve status until development occurs.  The annual cost to maintain this parkland in reserve status is estimated to be $9,124.00.  When the park is developed, additional funding will be requested for maintenance and operations of the added facilities.  The maintenance impact is expected to be minimal and will not require the appropriation of additional funds in the department's Fiscal Year 2019 budget.  Funding for operations and maintenance will be allocated into the Park & Recreation Department's base budget beginning in Fiscal Year 2020.

This property is located in COUNCIL DISTRICT 7.


The Director of Finance certifies that upon approval of the above recommendations, funds will be available in the current capital budget, as appropriated, of the PARD Dedication Fees Fund. The Director of Finance certifies that parkland maintenance costs will not result in any additional appropriations in the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget.

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Submitted for City Manager's Office by:
Jay Chapa (5804)
Originating Department Head:
Roger Venables (6334)
David Creek  (5744)
Additional Information Contact:
Laura B Morales  (2311)

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