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COUNCIL ACTION:  Approved on 12/4/2018 - Ordinance No. 23492-12-2018

DATE: 12/4/2018 REFERENCE NO.: **C-28951 LOG NAME: 60SSR97-ARK

Authorize Execution of Contract with ARK Contracting Services, LLC, in the Amount of $3,010,260.00 for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Contract 97 Located in the Historic Rosedale Park, Stop 6/Poly Oversight, Stop Six Sunrise Edition and Fairhaven Neighborhood Associations and Adopt Appropriation Ordinance (COUNCIL DISTRICT 5)


It is recommended that the City Council:

1.  Adopt the attached appropriation ordinance increasing estimated receipts and appropriations in the Water and Sewer Capital Projects Fund in the amount of $3,513,457.00 from available funds; and

2.  Authorize execution of a contract with ARK Contracting Services, LLC, in the amount of $3,010,260.00 for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Contract 97 (City Project No. C02739).


This Mayor and Council Communication is to authorize a construction contract for the rehabilitation of the deteriorated sanitary sewer mains via trenchless methods on the following streets and easements:

Burke RoadQuails Lane120 feet South
Anglin DriveEastland RoadVirgil Street
East Berry StreetCandace DriveCarey Street
Hilldale RoadGarden Lane350 feet North
Rosedale Street / Tension DriveStalcup RoadUnion Pacific Railroad ROW
Village Creek Road100 feet North of the Pinson Street / Village Creek Road Intersection900 feet North
Tierney Road250 feet North of the Meadowbrook Drive / Tierney Road Intersection650 feet North
Clotell Cul-da-sac Reed StreetE. Berry StreetDead End
Easement between MacArthur Drive and Wainwright Drive100 feet East of Stalcup RoadCarverly Drive
Easement between Wainwright Drive and Eisenhower Drive100 feet East of Stalcup RoadCarverly Drive
EasementVictoria PlaceCarverly Drive
EasementVillage Creek Road1120 feet West
EasementTierney930 feet East
Easement between Hughes Avenue and Tahoe DriveHardeman Street400 feet South
Easement between Tahoe Drive and Carmel AvenueHardeman Street440 feet South
Easement between Carmel Avenue and Burke RoadHardeman Street400 feet South
Easement between Burke Road and Wilhelm StreetFrom 400 feet South of Hardeman Street700 feet North
EasementBurke Road200 feet East

The project was advertised for bid on July 12, 2018 and July 19, 2018 in the Fort Worth Star−Telegram. On August 16, 2018, the following bid was received:  

BidderAmountTime of Completion
Ark Contracting Services, LLC$3,010,260.00270 Calendar Days

Even though the City received only one bid on the project, staff considers the unit prices proposed to be fair and reasonable and recommends approval of the contract.

In addition to the contract amount, $352,684.00 is required for project management, material testing and inspection and $150,513.00 is provided for project contingencies.

This project will have no impact on the Water Department's operating budget when completed. Construction is expected to start in January 2019 and be completed by October 2019

M/WBE OFFICE – Ark Contracting Services, LLC is in compliance with the City's BDE Ordinance by committing to one percent MBE participation and documenting good faith effort. Ark Contracting Services, LLC identified several subcontracting and supplier opportunities. However, the firms contracted in the areas identified did not respond or did not submit the lowest bids. The City's MBE goal on this project is 25 percent.

The project is located in COUNCIL DISTRICT 5.


The Director of Finance certifies that upon approval of the above recommendation and adoption of the attached appropriation ordinance, funds will be available in the current capital budget, as appropriated, of the Water and Sewer Capital Projects Fund. The Fiscal Year 2019 Water Operating Budget includes appropriations of $35,856,873.00 for the purpose of providing Pay-As-You-Go Funding for Sewer Capital Projects. After this transfer for Fiscal Year 2019, the balance will be $30,085,585.00

Appropriations for Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation, Contract 97, are as depicted below:

FUNDExisting AppropriationsAdditional AppropriationsProject Total*
Water & Sewer Capital Projects Fund 56002$0.00$3,513,457.00$3,513,457.00
Sewer Capital Fund - Legacy 59607$501,785.00$0.00$501,785.00
Project Total$501,785.00$3,513,457.00$4,015,242.00

* Numbers rounded for presentation purposes.

    Fund Department
Account Project
Program Activity Budget
Reference #
(Chartfield 2)

    Fund Department
Account Project
Program Activity Budget
Reference #
(Chartfield 2)

Submitted for City Manager's Office by:
Jay Chapa (5804)
Originating Department Head:
Chris Harder (5020)
Additional Information Contact:
Liam Conlon (6824)

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