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COUNCIL ACTION:  Approved on 3/18/2014 - Ordinance No. 21163-03-2014


Adopt Ordinance Amending Chapter 29, Signs by Amending the Regulations Related to Off-Premise Signs, to Allow for Relocation of Certain Signs in the I-35W Segment 3A Corridor (COUNCIL DISTRICTS 2, 4, 8 and 9)


It is recommended that the City Council adopt the attached ordinance amending Chapter 29, to amend the regulations related to off-premise signs to provide for regulations related to the relocation of off-premise signs in the I-35W Segment 3A Corridor.


The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will be financing, constructing, operating and maintaining the reconstructed section of I-35W from I-30 north to the Loop 820 interchange project (commonly known as Segment 3A of the North Tarrant Express Project).  The $1.5 billion Segment 3A construction will nearly double roadway capacity by rebuilding existing lanes and adding tolled express lanes.

In December 2013, TxDOT requested the City allow the relocation of off-premise signs to support the financing of this critical transportation project.  The City has a general prohibition of the construction of off-premise signs within the City and extraterritorial jurisdiction that does not allow for the relocation of off-premise signs.  The City supports the removal of off-premise signs, particularly in designated scenic corridors and areas.

However, in light of the project's importance to local and regional mobility and in consideration of TxDOT's request, Staff recommends that the City Council support the limited relocation of certain off-premise signs in the I-35W Segment 3A corridor. Of the 25 affected signs, 11 may not relocate and 14 will be eligible for relocation within the I-35 corridor.

Staff's recommendation will allow for the relocation of all off premise signs in the corridor that are currently in industrial zoning districts, excepting those in the portion of I-35W designated as a scenic corridor.  Signs located in other zoning categories and signs located in a scenic corridor may not be relocated.  If a sign is located in both industrial zoning and a scenic corridor, it may not be relocated. Staff anticipates that of the 38 signs in the corridor, 13 are unaffected by the current project, 11 are affected and may not relocate, and 14 will be eligible for relocation within the I-35 corridor.  

The improvements to I-35W will have a significant, positive impact on commuters and on companies moving goods and services within the City and the region.

The ordinance amendments would affect property in COUNCIL DISTRICTS 2, 4, 8 and 9.


The Financial Management Services Director certifies that this action will have no material effect on City funds.

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Submitted for City Manager's Office by:
Fernando Costa (6122)
Originating Department Head:
Sarah J. Fullenwider (7606)
Additional Information Contact:
Judy Lacker (8006)
Melinda Ramos (7631)

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