M&C Review

COUNCIL ACTION:  Approved on 2/18/2014 - Reoslution No. 4295-02-2014 and Ordinance No. 21130-02-2014

SUBJECT:   Adopt a Resolution Authorizing Execution of Local Project Advanced Funding Agreements with the Texas Department of Transportation in the Aggregate Amount of $73,709,317.00, Including $6,631,831.00 in City Funds from the 2008 Capital Improvement Bond Program, for Construction of Three New Bridges Associated with the Trinity River Vision Project on Henderson Street, North Main Street and White Settlement Road, Consistent with the City's Limit of $26.6 Million on Expenditures for the Trinity River Vision Project and Adopt Appropriation Ordinance (COUNCIL DISTRICTS 2 and 9)


It is recommended that the City Council:

1.  Adopt the attached resolution authorizing the execution of Local Project Advanced Funding Agreements with the Texas Department of Transportation in the total estimated project construction and construction administration phase cost amount of $73,709,317.00 for construction of the Henderson Street Bridge, the North Main Street Bridge, and the White Settlement Road Bridge;  

2.  Authorize acceptance of $18,365,782.00 in construction funds from the Tarrant Regional Water District;

3.  Adopt the attached appropriation ordinance increasing the estimated receipts and appropriations in the Street Improvements 2008 Fund in the amount of $18,365,782.00 from Tarrant Regional Water District funds; and

4.  Authorize pre-payment to Texas Department of Transportation in the amount of $18,365,782.00 from the Street Improvements 2008 Fund for the remaining local portion of construction costs in accordance with the Local Project Advanced Funding Agreement.


Execution of these Local Project Advance Funding Agreements (Funding Agreements) in the amount described above allows for federal, state, regional, and local funding participation to construct these new bridges on Henderson Street, North Main Street and White Settlement Road which will each span the future Trinity River by-pass Channel associated with the Trinity River Vision Central City Project.  Funding includes $33,014,573.00 in federal funds, $8,197,131.00 in state funds, $7,500,000.00 in Regional Toll Revenue funds and $24,997,613.00 in local funds for a total amount of $73,709,317.00.

Funding for the local portion of construction will come from a combination of City and Tarrant Regional Water District (Water District) funds. The City's portion of $6,631,831.00 in construction funds came from the 2008 Bond Program and was previously paid to TxDOT per M&C C-25776 (August 7, 2012) authorizing the Funding Agreement for the Henderson Street Bridge.  As a result, the remaining balance of the local construction funds ($18,365,782.00) will come from the Water District.  Per M&C C-26394 approved by the City Council on August 13, 2013, the City contracted the final remaining portion of its Trinity River Vision commitment of $26.6 million for design and construction activities using City of Fort Worth funds.

This project is located in COUNCIL DISTRICTS 2 and 9, Mapsco 62T, 62U and 62Y and will benefit ALL COUNCIL DISTRICTS.


The Financial Management Services Director certifies that upon approval of the above recommendations and adoption of the attached appropriation ordinance, funds will be available in the current capital budget, as appropriated, of the Street Improvements 2008 Fund.

TO Fund/Account/Centers
2&3) C204  451453  209260014480   $18,365,782.00
3) C204  539900  209260014480   $18,365,782.00
FROM Fund/Account/Centers
4) C204  539900  209260014480   $18,365,782.00

Submitted for City Manager's Office by:
Fernando Costa (6122)
Originating Department Head:
Randle Harwood (6101)
Additional Information Contact:
Mark Rauscher (2446)

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  TRV 3 Bridges LPAFA Resolution(CFW 2.06.12).doc
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