Community Involvement

Please follow the next 5 easy steps to report a violation online. Additional help is available wherever you see a "?".

Step 1:  Give us the address or intersection of the violation.
You can use the button next to the street name for proper street spelling (it will take a few seconds to load the street names), or you can simply type in the name if you know it.
Complaint Address:
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Step 2:  What type of violation is it?
Select all that apply. Click the title or image to select a violation type. Click it again to un-select it.
Health Hazard
Includes Water or Sewer Leaks, Stagnant Pool / Unwholesome Water, or No Water Service.
High Grass/Weeds
Grass or weeds on any property with an average height of 12 inches or more.
Includes violations related to Cows, Horses, Goats, Sheep, Fowl, Rabbits, Swine, and Quantity of Dogs or Cats. BARKING DOGS AND DOGS AT LARGE SHOULD BE REPORTED TO ANIMAL CONTROL.
Property Maintenance
Includes violations related to Trash & Debris on Private Property, Accumulation of Waste and Debris that Provides Harborage, Discarded items on Private Property, Vacant & Open Buildings and other similar issues.
Includes violations related to Junk Vehicles and Oversized Commercial Vehicles located on private property.

Please contact the Police Department at 817-392-4222 to report front/side yard parking on private property and any vehicle violations occurring on public streets. (Entering these types of violations on this site will result in a delay of service, but a code officer will transfer the complaint to the Police Department.)
Substandard Building
Includes violations related to Vacant and Open Structures, Unlawful Occupancies, or Owning or Controlling a Substandard Structure on both Residential or Commercial properties. This also includes accessory structures such as a shed or carport, and Swimming Pool Barriers.
Includes ANY violation at a Multiplex (8 or more units), or Apartment Complex.
Includes violations related to Home Occupations, Illegal Land Use, Wrecking Yard, Right of Way Encroachment, Illegal Fence, Garage Sale, Itinerant Vendor, Certificate of Occupancy, Outside Storage and other similar activities.
Solid Waste Violation
Includes violations related to solid waste removal, including carts, bulk waste, bags and illegal dumping on the right-of-way. Illegal dumping in this category is for City Crew pick-up only.

Step 3:  Describe the violation.
Enter brief description of violation (limited to 2,000 characters).
Brief Description of violation:
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Step 4:  Enter your Contact Information.
Please provide us with information so that the officer can contact you should they have additional questions, cannot locate the violation, etc. You do not have to provide this information; however, without it, the officer might not be able to fully address the issue. If you choose "No, I do not want to be a witness" in the box below, your information will be kept confidential. If you wish to be listed as a witness, please see the note below.
Complainant Information:
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It is the policy of the Code Compliance Department that complainant information collected solely for the purpose of initiating an investigation will remain confidential and not subject to release under the Texas Public Information Act. If complainant information is requested, the requestor shall be referred to the Records and Information Management Office.

However, be advised that if you make yourself available as a witness for municipal court citation purposes, your identity is subject to release once a citation has been issued.
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Step 5:  Click the "Submit" button.
You will then be given a Complaint Number that you can use later to track the case online, or call and get an update from an officer.